Our Boarding structure is based on Specifics as required by you and your horse.  Simply put, you pay for the exact price of the specific Feed and hay that you want provided for your horse.  

Our daily routine consists of horses being fed grain at 6:00 AM and then they get  turned out to pasture.  While turned out, stalls are cleaned and shavings are provided as routinely scheduled.  Horses are brought back in before 1:00 to avoid sunburn and the immense heat of our usual Sunny Florida afternoons.  At this time they have Lunch hay in their stalls waiting for them.  Horses are fed dinner grain at 4:30 PM in the winter months and later in the summer months.  In the evenings the stalls are cleaned again with Dinner hay provided at the end of the evening.

Boarders are able to use Trainers, Veternarians and Farriers of their choice, many Local Professionals frequent Limestone Stables throughout any week.  

Contact Sherry for more detailed  Boarding information.